Hi, I’m James K. Pratt, I’ve published three books Night Side of NatureChelsea And Swindle and Children of Nod:

Synopsis of Night Side of Nature:

Alexia Bathory befriends a mysterious girl at school who brings revelations of a family secret that spans centuries. The truth leaves Alexia with a stark choice of conscience, stay with her family and live a life of wealth and power or runaway and tear her family apart.

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Synopsis of Chelsea and Swindle:

Chelsea and Swindle ebookTuk, a young goblin, witnesses the massacre of his family at the hands of greedy adventurers. Now, on a hopeless quest for vengeance, he leaves his childhood behind.

His quest for justice leads him to a city ruled by humans and elves where the adventurers are seen as heroes. Along the way he befriends two orphans like him, Chelsea and Swindle. Tuk will challenge the ruling class and awaken the goblins and orcs, who identify with him, thrusting the city to the boiling point.


Chelsea and Swindle takes inspiration from tabletop role-play games. Unlike most fantasy stories and games that use goblins as fodder this story takes the point of view of a goblin child, Tuk. He witnesses the massacre of his tribe. As one critic said about the protagonist “Tuk is an inspiring and precocious little 7 year old goblin who I just wanted to love. Even though he is on a murderous rampage,” S. Randall.


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Children of Nod is a modern dark fantasy story. It combines elements of Dante’s Inferno with a flare of modern fantasy. As one critic said, “Pratt is proving to be a highly imaginative author… a tale that is unique and original.” S. Randall.


Russell Quinn looses his humanity after a violent encounter with a stranger and becomes a jinn. Now the thoughts of normal people barrage his mind, making a return home impossible. Soon, Russell meets someone like him, and along the way he learns that the key to regaining his humanity is in a place called the Bend. There one can see through the eyes of God. But even if he regains his humanity what he glimpsed in the Bend will change the way he views himself, and others, forever.





About Me:

Although my mother is English, and I was born in Scotland I’ve spent little time in the British Isles. I’ve lived much of my life in and around the Pacific be it Hawaii, Guam, Japan or the West Coast of the United States.